For the past 18 years, Dresden-based Valérie Madoka Naito has been working as an architect and as a documentary film artist throughout Germany.

Naito has specialised in residential buildings constructed according to the principles of sustainability. She has extensive experience in all service phases covered by the HOAI (German Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers) as well as in project steering (based on the AHO, the German Fee Structure Commission of Engineers' and Architects' Associations). As a rule, commissions are charged on an hourly basis.

As a documentary film artist, she works in the vein of auteur films. Since 2017, she has shifted her focus towards architecture in film. A recent project in this context is “Pioneers of Ecologic Building” with the late Dieter Schempp, Joachim Eble and Georg W. Reinberg.

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